For My Best Friend

Siska and I have been close friends since we studied at senior high school. I was driving her car and we were on our way to the mall. She looked very happy after spending her holiday in Bandung. I could see it from her big smile.

She told me that she met her fiance, Tom. They spent their time together with go to amusement park and having dinner together. She also told me about their wedding preparation. I was a bit surprised when she handed me over the invitation that morning.

Oh my God, my little Siska is gonna get married.

I was so happy to heard that news. It was the first time she is being so happy since her ex-boyfriend betrayed her 2 years ago.

“What’s the concept of your wedding?” I asked.

“Tom and I decided to use the garden wedding party concept. And I want all the things are white. The wedding dress, the bouquet, the table cloth, everything. Well, except the groom’s tuxedo. Ah~ I can’t wait anymore! Two weeks is just too long!” I smiles brightly hearing her grumbling.

Suddenly a car passed us carelessly. It was a black BMW with the newest model. It looked so luxurious yet mysterious. About two people were sitting there. I cursed and had to stabilize my steering. Siska was upset too. I chased the car and it took more 10 minutes for me to finally manage to force the driver to stop. Siska got out and walked quickly to the car. She knocked on the door.

“What the **** are you doing?” Siska yelled. “Is it your mom’s road? Can’t you see another car is passing? You should watch your way! Please apologize!”

I could see that Siska was really mad. But the driver in that car didn’t seem to think so. He just stared at us with no expression.

Once again Siska yelled, “Hey, are you deaf? I said―”

I could not see anyone because the window was slightly open. In the next second I heard a gunshot from the car. Siska fell down with blood on her left chest. Then the car left us.

For I while I didn’t realize what was just happened. But then I screamed loudly searching for help, but unfortunately no one was coming. So I tried to carry her to the car then went to the hospital.


I was sitting next to Siska’s bed. Siska was still in critical condition. Her eyes were closed. Her parents were sitting outside and Tom was taking a nap―tired because he stayed up at night to accompany Siska. That morning the police said that the people who shot Siska were hit men. They were paid by the rival of her Dad’s company. Siska’s Dad was really down at that time.

On the next morning doctor came to us. “There’s something wrong with Siska’s heart. She need a heart transplantation.”

“I’m her mother, I’m willing to give my heart if it’s match. I rather die than seeing her like this,” she cried.

“No! Don’t my wife. Me!” Siska’s Dad said loudly.

“Okay. Mr. and Mrs. Haryono, both of you have to do a test,” said the doctor. Then, Siska’s parent did the test but the result said that none of their heart were match for Siska. And then Tom, but it was the same with Siska’s parents. And then me. I was so surprised that result said 100% match.

At first, I was in a dilemma about giving my heart for her or not. But seeing my best friend bedridden, my best friend who always smile, who always made me happy, made me forget the fact that I’m orphaned. Siska is everything for me. I couldn’t watch her die. So I decided to give my heart.

After 2 days, the operation was held. Siska’s parents and Tom really really thanked me. The doctor injected the anesthetic and then everything was dark. I couldn’t remember anything except one thing.
Siska and me, Rini. We are best friends and will always be best friends.





My English teacher asked us to complete a story and I did it with my classmate, Nely. Btw, I’m the one who made the ending. I’m sorry if my grammar is bad and if the story is absurd :p But, Mumu, my bestie, sadid that it’s good, so i post it. Need your comment! ^^

#ya allah, sok inggris banget aku


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